5 Key Benefits of Shared

The Shelter of Each Other

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The Shelter of Each Other

It’s a win/win solution!

The first reaction many people have to the idea of shared housing is “I need my privacy.” And that’s the end of the discussion.

Forgive us, but this reaction misses some key benefits that accrue to people living in shared housing.

In a world in which housing is becoming more difficult to find and afford, this short course describes how shared housing can improve the homesharer’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health of people who share a home together.

In 5 Key Benefits of Shared Housing, we cover:

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Why it is Free

We want more people to understand that shared housing is not a “less-than” solution but rather a “win/win.” This course is for potential home sharers and professionals who work with populations for whom shared housing could be a solution.

How It Works

The course has 7 recorded videos between 3 and 11 minutes long. The full length of the course is 35 minutes.

We have made the course as easy as possible to take. When you enroll you will immediately be logged into your account and land on your “My Account” page. Click on the course title and you will be taken to the course page. From there you can click on a lesson to view that lesson. You do not have to take them in order. 

When you enroll you will become a member. You can access the course at any time by logging in again.

When you complete the entire course you will receive a certificate in email.


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